Jeff Cress: Helping merchants make money online

2009 Best of Business Award Winner!
2009 Commission Junction Agency of the Year Award Finalist!

Some interesting info on different online advertising strategies:

  • Are you paying $5k per month on PPC? There may be a better way!
  • Painless, cost-effective affiliate program management.
  • Interested in maximizing your sales with a premium Affiliate Marketing Program?
  • Not happy with your in-house or outsourced program manager?
  • So, you think you have a good Affiliate Program?
  • Want to lean about Lead Generation programs that provide targeted leads at great ROI?
  • Not getting Great ROI from your Affiliate Program? We can help!
  • Would your brand benefit from an Affiliate Marketing Program?
  • What to expect if you hire mgecom to launch and/or manage an Affiliate Marketing program for you brand?
  • Why not check out the Sales Blog?
  • Check back soon for the Affiliate Marketing for eMerchants blog and other valuable content.

 Jeff helps people with:

Outsourced affiliate marketing program management, online marketing, ecommerce, pay for performance marketing, lead generation, pay per call, social media, facebook, twitter, web 2.0, international affiliate programs.

Affiliate networks like: Commission Junction, LinkShare, PepperJam, shareASale, DirectTrack, Google Affiliate Network 

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